Nebula is a modern typeface with dark and futuristic looks that is produced by Fadielm70. Nebula is published by the famous foundry known as Typologic. This font is based on the category of techno typeface.

The creator of this font got the inspiration for designing fonts from science fiction books and movies. Nowadays, this type of font is more often used in projects that need a more modern style than the traditional style.

Nebula comes with three styles and these styles are regular, bold, and hollow. Each of these styles is perfectly designed and more than one font style can be used in the projects. You can use the similar of this typeface that is also available on our website and this font is aliens and cows.

The characters in this font consist of uppercases, numeric digits, and special characters. In addition to that, the lowercases of this font have few characters that are different from uppercase. Furthermore, this font supports several languages.

Uses of Nebula Font

We will now share with you the ways through which this typeface can be applied to a variety of designs. Using this font doesn’t require hard work but needs good skills. You can design amazing types of posters like party posters, birthday posters, entertaining posters, festival posters, and so on.

Nebula typeface can be used in Adobe applications to build fantastic designs. The designs you can create with this typeface are logo design, magazine design, and web design. game design, and other graphic designs.

This typeface is compatible with operating systems like Android, Windows, IOS, Linux, and Mac. You can use the free version of this font to build up your knowledge and after that buy the full font to develop professional designs.

If you just want a single line in this font without the need on installing this in the system then you can use the font generator that functions to change the normal text into the selected font text.

License Info

This font full family can be purchased from the official website for money-making designs but if you want to use this for free then you can use the free version.

Nebula Font Alternatives & Combinations

  • Aliens and Cows Font
  • Neon Future Font
  • Ar Christy Font
  • InterCorp Redux Font
  • Lurix Font
  • Generation Font

Nebula Font View on Image Designs

Nebula Font View on Image Designs


Font Info

NameNebula Font
File FormatOTF, TTF
License Free For Personal Use

Download Nebula Font Free

You can now design your amazing science fiction designs by using this font. To begin the download, please click the link below.

Download Font

Language Support

Hungarian, Ibanag, Icelandic, Iloko (Ilokano), Khakas, Khalkha, Khanty, Kildin Sami, Komi-Permyak, Kurdish, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Indonesian, Interglossa (Glosa), Interlingua, Irish (Gaelic), Istro-Romanian, Italian, Jèrriais, Kabardian, Kalmyk (Cyrillic), Karachay (Cyrillic), Kashubian, Kazakh (Cyrillic), Kyrgyz (Cyrillic), Ladin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Lojban, Lombard, Low Saxon.

People Also Ask

Who is the designer of the Nebula Font?

The designer behind the creation of this typeface is Fadielm70 and it was published by Typologic. This font is based on a techno typeface.

Is Nebula Font available in TTF?

Yes, this font is available in TTF format. The other options that you have in which you can get this font are OTF and WOFF formats.

What font is similar to the Nebula Font?

The font that is similar and closest to this typeface is Aliens and Cows Font. Both of these fonts have similar characteristics.

Can we use Nebula Font in Adobe Photoshop?

Yes, you can use this font in Adobe Photoshop. Moreover, you can also customize this typeface in other applications like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Corel Painter, and AutoCAD.

Is Nebula a web-safe font?

This typeface is a web-safe font but you have to buy its premium version for your commercial websites.

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