Imagine if you had three wishes, three hopes, and three dreams and they all could come true. All the kids remember this line in their childhood. Their one wish come true because we are presenting you with Aladdin Font. A font that all kids from the 1990s remember.

Aladdin is a movie that is based on the Walt Disney animated movie series Aladdin This fantasy-based typeface was developed by WSI for the Aladdin Movie and Animations. Aladdin cartoon was a favorite of kids and this typeface created the special effects of the theme in the mind of those children.

As time passes those 1990s children who grew up watching Aladdin cartoons this font created nostalgic and vintage side effects wherever they see the Aladdin logo it reminded them of their past memories.

This typeface has many features which distinguish it from others like it reminds people of the old Arab world, it shows simple glyphs with sharp edges characters, and it includes all upper- and lower-case letters with special characters.

Uses of Aladdin Font

This font can help the designers to create kids’ birthday posters which will love because it has everything from cartoons to their memories. These days Aladdin Font is been using everywhere from movie posters to games starting display. Restaurants are also using this font when they have Arabic-themed culture days.

The reason why it has the best display is because of its graceful scrip font and thin lettered which falls for ravishing style and use it develop beautiful displays. This font can be well paired with style script font.

because the bold font will look good for headings and this thin layered font creates a magnificent display in the body of designs. Designers can also use this in both Adobe and Canva to create their favorite illustrations.

License Info

The License of the font can be purchased from the official source however, if you wish to use it for personal tasks then it’s free available on site.

Aladdin Font Alternatives & Combinations

  • Pito Slab Font
  • Arab Dances Font
  • High Tide Font
  • Eskindar Font
  • Aetherius Font
  • Al Princess Jasmine Font

Aladdin Font View on Image Designs

Aladdin Font View on Image Designs

Font Info

NameAladdin Font
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree for personal use.

Download Aladdin Font Free

Download this amazing font for free and create the designs of childhood memories for free. To start the download, click the download button below and get started.

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Language Support

English, Italian, French, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, Icelandic, Italian and Norwegian, Corsican, Breton, Amis, Māori, Tok Pisin, Tongan, Alsatian, Atayal, Kiribati, Seychellois Creole, Võro, Tahitian, Scottish Gaelic, Chamorro, Greenlandic (Kalaallisut), Albanian, Catalan, Chichewa, Ilocano, Kikongo, Kinyarwanda, Neapolitan, Xhosa, Tshiluba, Slovak, Danish, Gikuyu, Finnish, Norwegian, Sicilian, Sotho (Southern), Kirundi, Tswana, Sotho (Northern), Walloon, Asturian, Kaqchikel, Ossetian.

People Also Ask!

What Font is used in Aladdin?

The font that was used in the logo of the Aladdin cartoon was similar to the Aladdin texture which was created by WSI.

Is the Aladdin Font Free to Use?

Yes, it’s free to use it for personal projects but it should be purchased from the right vendor.

How to Install the Aladdin typeface on Windows PC?

It’s very simple to install the Aladdin typeface on Windows PC. Just download it from our site and then unzip the file. The next step is to simply install it. This will automatically install in all of the applications.

What Is Aladdin texture 0Generator?

A font generator is an online tool that helps the designers to get the original display of how their texts will look in the selected font. The Aladdin typeface generator will also help them to see what this font will look like in the text form.

What font is most like Aladdin Font?

There are many similar fonts of this typeface but the typeface which looks quite familiar is abuget font.

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