Sharp Font is a very sleek and attractive font. It is a collection of geometric sans serif categories.

A famous graphics designer the Lucas sharp designed this beautiful typeface. The first version of it was released in 2009 by sharp type foundry which is stated in New York City. The foundry is famous for its production of typefaces that are useful in printing, in designs of brands, logo design houses, and advertisements. It contains 215 characters and it comes with 7 weights.

This beautiful typeface was established in 2015. It has received many awards and won competitions in designing typefaces. One of its achievements is that it is the winner of the European design award. This typeface is very popular in designing invitation cards, wedding cards, logo designs, and many other designs.

The sharp font comes with different variations sharp light, sharp italic, sharp bold, sharp bold italic, sharp ultra, sharp ultra-italic, etc. We can use this font in all types of documents. You can use this typeface in all operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac Os, etc.

Use of Sharp Font

This font family is used for everything font. Its use in different kinds of documents personal and professional can be very effective. It has a unique look and it will increase the readability of the documents. This typeface has very attractive and bold glyphs due to which this font is easily readable.

The sharp font family can be used in posters, banners, advertisements, logo designing, book covers, wedding cards, greeting cards, and all kinds of documents. This font can give a shiny and sleek look to the documents. This font family has different variations. It also comes with a bold variation of it.

It supports many languages so if you want to use it in a language other than English it is available. This can be used in lengthy essays and paragraphs. You can use this typeface in the titling of the page and the cover of the books and the headings of the documents. You can use its online font generator tool to make designs online using its text effects.

License Info

This font is not commonly available as it is not free for commercial use but you can download this font from this website for use in your documents.

Sharp Font Combinations & Alternatives

  • Gotham
  • Avenir
  • Proxima nova
  • Cambon
  • GT Pressura Mono

Sharp Font View on Image Designs

Sharp Font

Font Info

Name Sharp font
DesignerLucas Sharp
File TypeOTF , TTF
LicenseFree for personal use

Download Sharp Font Free

You can download this beautiful font free from our website. Click on the download button given below and start downloading.

Download the font by clicking on this link: [Download Font](

Language Support

Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Irish, Basque, Icelandic, and Luxembourgian in Latin and other scripts.

People also ask!

What is sharp font?

Sharp sans is a very sleek and attractive font. It is a collection of geometric sans serif categories. It was designed by Lucas Sharp.

What is the use of sharp font?
It can be used anywhere in your documents, posters, advertisements, logos.

Is Sharp font free to use?

Yes, this font can be used in personal documents but cannot be used commercially without purchasing the license.

Is Sharp font available in the MS office?
This font is available in the new versions of MS office. You can use it in all Microsoft products.

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